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Hairstyle With High Chignon


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Having a hairstyle with high chignon can be very interesting for those with long hair. This hairstyle was first started during the 1960s and it has been one of the most favorite style among the celebrities. In this hairstyle, the hair will be rolled into an updo and pinned in place on top of your head. If you have medium or long hair, this hairstyle can be a perfect choice as it can be created with vertical rolls of hair. Here is a simple method to create this style at home.
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To begin the hairstyle, first sprtiz all over the hair with a little amount of texturizing spray and smooth the hair using a hairbrush. Pull the hair to create a ponytail on top of your head and secure it with a transparent elastic band. Divide your ponytail into two equal parts and roll the top section up just like rolling it around a bottle. Secure the loop of hair in place using bobby pins placed on inside of the loop over the ponytail. Try to use as many pins to keep the hair in place. Start stretching the loops and pull them to the sides to expand until it touches the sides of the head. Secure them in place using bobby pins and use a jeweled hairpins inserted at regular intervals for a better looking hairstyle. Mist the chignon with a little amount of hairspray and incase of any loose pieces of hair, pin them into place.
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