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Chinese Bob Hairstyle


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Chinese bob is usually defined by its cut which is made at the neckline and bobbed up around the edges. In this hairstyle, the hair will be shorter at the back as it moves into a downward and longer in the front. It is a perfect style that can suit anyone because it highlights key facial features. This hairstyle can be created with or without bangs.
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To create this hairstyle, wash your hair with a shampoo and brush it to untangle hair strands. Separate the hair into three sections such as on the left side, right side and at the back near the nape using hair clamps. Take a quarter amount of hair from back to straighten it by combing it down and to start cutting. Keep the hair length around the neckline which will serve as a guide for remaining haircut. Now take a quarter of hair from left section and start cutting the hair with the same method around the neckline an inch longer than the length of back hair for an asymmetrical shape. Continue to trim the rest of your hair and interchange the sections. Trim the left and right sections with the respective guides on each side and loosen the same amount of hair to cut it to the dictated length. Next comb the hair and trim the rough edges to level all the hair in place. Finally blow dry your hair and style it to achieve a polished look.
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