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Curly Spiked Hairstyle


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A curly hairstyle can be worn to get a very unique and attractive look. There are different styles that are available with a curly hair and one of them is a curly spiked hairstyle. Every woman have different texture to the hair like someone will have straight or fine hair and others will have thick or curly hair. Creating a curly spiked hairstyle is not as difficult as it looks and it does not require any help from a hair specialist. Before starting the styling procedure, make sure to keep hair styling product such as styling wax ready and for curly hair, blow drying is very important.
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It is very simple and easy to achieve this style, first cut your hair short to have better style control and if you have longer, it can be difficult to create spikes. Next blow dry the hair to make it as straight as you can and spread a little amount of water-based pomade for thicker or curlier hair. First apply couple of drops in your palms and then spread it all over the hair starting from the root for added texture. Now you can create messy spikes by just bringing the pomade through your hair, by making it go up and away from your scalp. Make sure to use more pomade during this process to create a good looking spiky hairstyle. For those who have wavy hair, they can use a styling wax instead of using pomade.
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