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Hairstyle With Blonde Chunking


blonde chunking blonde chunking2
Hairstyle with blonde chunking is the best way of styling your hair if you are planning to color them. The chunking will give a bold image which is very easy to create that will make your look more attractive. Anyone can create the intricate form of chunking which can give the hair strands a zebra-striped effect. Blonde chunks usually give the hair a stark and defined look which is found attractive by most of them. Just follow these simple steps to style your hair in this way.
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To achieve this style, first use a cap that is available with the highlighting kit and then use the hair hook to pull the hair strands through the perforated holes. Pull large amounts of hair to create dramatic chunk highlights. Start mixing the highlighting solution after reading the instructions on the highlighting kit to mix the ingredients in a perfect way. Now brush the solution all over the hair that is sticking out of the cap and leave the hair as it for the amount of time mentioned on the highlighting kit. For those with exceptionally dark hair, they can leave the hair a bit longer than mentioned on the kit to get the most effect. At last rinse your hair with the cap in place and remove the cap after the bleach is gone from your hair. Condition the hair using the small bottle of hair sealer that is available with highlighting kit for better results.
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