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Long Finger Waves


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Hairstyle with long finger waves is a alternative style to a usual finger waves which was very popular during the 1920s and 1930s. This hairstyle can be easily created with your fingers, hair pins and some styling products. There are many celebrities in the present day who like to wear this style as it is considered to be a classic hairstyle.
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To get this style, first you must wash your hair and then spread a little amount of heat protecting product all over. Then blow dry the hair by brushing it in a downward motion and make sure the hair completely dry. Next part the hair into two sections such as upper and lower, then divide bottom layer into half. Take the triple barrel curling iron to curl the hair closer to the roots and gently move your way down on both sides of the hair. Now take the top section to separate it by flipping the larger part to one side for creating a deeper side part. Start curling the hair from the top down similar to the bottom section. Set the waves and also smooth down any flyaways by misting the hair with a hairspray. Make sure you don’t use too much of hairspray on the hairstyle as it supposed to look soft and not stiff or crispy. You can also tousle the hair with your finger for a softer look and pin the hair that are not finger waved.
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