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Punk Pigtails


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Punk pigtails are one of the most interesting ways of making a standard pigtail into colorful hairstyle. The punk look usually consists of bright colors, hairspray, hair gel, hair dye, spikes, asymmetrical haircut and a sweeping fringe. This style can easily give a bold and courageous fashion statement for anyone who wears it. Here is a simple method that can be followed to create this hairstyle at home.
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Begin the hairstyling by keeping one pigtail high on top of the head and one lower down. This asymmetrical design can be quirky and alternative like a punk. Try to leave a small section of hair in the front of your head similar to a fringe. Then straighten the section of hair which is untied at the front of your head across the face and make sure to straighten it diagonally across the forehead. Now use hair extensions on each pigtail and keep it simple which will make it easy to remove. Take the hair extensions which are brightly colored and avoid dying your hair. Braid a colorful length of ribbon with each pigtail and ty to select pink, or mixture of black and white o create a typical punk style. Finally mist all over the hair with a hairspray  by using orange, yellow, green, blue and pink with a bold tone. Avoid spraying lot of hairspray over the hairstyle as it is used to add a striking flash of color to your hairstyle.
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