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Wavy Hair With Bobby Pins


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Creating waves in your hair can give a very attractive look and there are different methods that can be used to achieve this type of hairstyle. Using hot rollers or curling irons can help to achieve this style, but it may damage the hair due to heat. One of the most simple and easy method to create a wavy hairstyle is by using bobby pins. You can curl the hair using pins and leave them in place overnight.
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To get this hairstyle, wash the hair and condition it as usual. Then comb the hair straight to make it part naturally on one side of the head. Take a small section of hair in the front and divide it from the rest of your hair. Start rolling the section of hair into a curl till touches the bottom of your head. Now open a bobby pin and secure the curl to your head just sending it through the loop of hair. You can use another pin through the other side of the curl. Try to create curls with all of the hair using the same process and make sure you work in rows on each side of the part by securing it with pins. You can cover the curls using a bandanna and go to bed with the pins still in place. Make sure to cover the entire head using the bandanna and remove all the pins in the next morning to release the curls.
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