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Twisted Bun


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Creating a twisted bun can look very easy for most of them and it can also give a very simple look. It is considered to be one of the most classic and widely recognized hairstyles. This style can help you to keep the hair out of the face and also give a polished as well as sophisticated look. Most of the people will have problems in creating this hairstyle even after following the right method like there will strands of hair that may come out of the bun. But, using the right tools and with little bit of patience, anyone can create this hairstyle easily even if they have a short hair. The hairstyle will look like polished even with short hair when compared to the long ones.
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It is easy to get this style, first you need to wet your entire head of hair with water and then comb it all straight back. Next add a little amount of hair gel into the hair to get rid of flyaways. Hold the hair at the back of your head by creating a ponytail and use a hair tie to secure it in place. Try to secure the loose strands using bobby pins. Start twisting the entire ponytail from the base and wind the hair that was twisted around the base of your ponytail. Secure the hair in place with bobby pins on every half inch along the twist and secure the loose strands of hair using bobby pins.
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