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Sarah Palin Updo


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Sarah Palin updo is s very common hairstyle that can be worn by anyone with medium to long hair. The distinctive style of her has been characterized by rimless glasses, suits and classic updo. In this hairstyle, the hair will be worn in a handful of ways and it is usually a loose bun updo. It can be a perfect choice on hair that is long and the texture of hair will be twisted up.
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To get her hairstyle, first brush the hair to make it smooth and tale a two section of to insert the comb into the back of your section in between the roots. Backcomb the hair toward your scalp and slightly tease it to add volume in the crown. Take the top portion of hair using your fingers from the temple back to the crown to create a ponytail and secure into place with the bobby pins. Now you must have a slight bump at the crown of your head and create a ponytail with the remaining hair at the back of your head. Next twist your ponytail around itself in until the tip of your tail points upward to create a small bun. Use the claw clip to hold the base of your bun on both the side. At last use a bobby pin to hold the tips of your ponytail in place and spritz all over the hair with a hairspray to get into the look.
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