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Fat French Braid


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A fat French Braid is usually created with a trendy twist on the traditional hairstyle. There are many celebrities who like to wear this style as it is considered to be a fashion-forward hairstyle. It is very simple to get this style if you know how to create a standard French Braid.
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Brush the hair thoroughly to get rid of tangles and divide the hair into three equal sections of hair. Collect the hair section that is slightly thicker than the standard French braid. Fold the right section on the middle section to make it the middle section and middle section will become the right. Then fold left section over middle section to make the middle section and the middle section will be on left. Continue the braiding process until you reach the nape of your neck and complete the braid with the hair that hangs down at the back. Fold the hair again to make the braid wide and loose. Use a hair band to tie around the bottom of the braid and to fatten your braid, use the long end of a comb inside notches and pull apart. Avoid pulling the hair too hard as it may unravel the braid. Mist the hair slightly with hairspray to get into the look and style the bangs to complement your hairstyle. You can also sweep the bangs to a side of the head and pin or curl them using a curling iron.
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