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Hair Streaks Using Cap


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Hair streaks are one of the best ways to make your hairstyle look unique. If you are planning to add some color to the hair instead of leaving it as it, this style can be a right choice for you. There are different methods involved in creating this hairstyle and one of the best methods that is usually followed by most of the hairstylist is using the cap and hook.
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To create this hairstyle with cap and hook, first highlights on the multiple streaks with a highlighting cap and small crochet hook. Then comb your hair as usual by keeping the highlighting cap on the hair and secure the ends under the chin. Make the small crochet hook to go through marked holes available on the cap and take pieces of hair back through holes using the crochet hook. Use every marked hole on the cap if your are looking to have heavy highlighting all over the head or use alternate hole for less highlighting. Continue the same process around your head by pulling the hair through the hole and brush the hair that comes out of the cap. Mix the color cream as per the instructions on the package and spread it over the hair that comes out of the cap. Us the plastic cap to cover the head and leave it until you have completed the hairstyling process. Finally rinse the hair and then remove the cap to style it as per your desire.
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