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Hairstyle With Razored Layers


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Having a hairstyle with razored layers can give a messy and fashionable look for anyone. This hairstyle is usually achieved by cutting rough layers of the hair over your head and styling it using a light hairspray. It is also very easy to maintain even though it looks messy and it can enhance your unkempt appearance. Make sure to get help from a hair specialist to create this style if you face any problems in cutting the hair.
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Start your styling process after washing the hair and comb it well to get rid of any tangles. Take the front part of your hair to the side and then lift a chunk of hair between the fingers. Next keep your hair at an angle on the head and send it through bottom third portion of the hair. Tease the razor downward and start cutting the hair to make a layer. Leave the razor through front part of your hair to create a choppy layer and make sure to style it as per your desire. Now take the section of your hair from back of the head to cut it just like the front portion of the hair. Create choppy layer on the other section of your hair and send the razor across the ends. Take other sections of layer with the layer from top and ten cut the ends using a razor. At last brush the hair again and spread little amount of wax over the ends.
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