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Julianne Hough With Swedish Braid


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Julianne Hough has got a Swedish braid which is the best way to style the hair in a decorative manner and it is also a unique medieval hairstyle. This hairstyle can look more complex and it is also very elegant when created along with a long hair. Most of the people including many celebrities prefer this hairstyle only for special events as it consumes lot of time to create.
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To get this hair style, first separate your hair into eight sections and then tie a knot on top of your head. Make a make a loop out of the hair strand and send the four strands of hair through the loop. Then adjust your hair strands to make it look parallel to each other. Take the outer left strand of the hair across to make it stand over the three strands. Take outer right strand over three strands over the left and at the original crossed strand. Then take the new outer left strand of hair to cross it over the three strands of hair on the right with the strand crossed earlier. Again take the new outer right strand and cross it over the three strands that have been over the left over the strand that was crossed earlier. Continue to cross the strands in the same way until you complete the braid and knot your hair strands together to hold the braid in place. Finally tie your braid across the head to get into the look.
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