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Square Braid Hairstyle


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A square braid hairstyle is a perfect hairstyle for four lengths of hair and just like a standard braiding method, this style also involves weaving multiple strands into a single strand. It can result in a stronger, neater and more attractive arrangement on your head. Even though this hairstyle involves more lengths of hair than a two-stranded braid, it is a very simple to get this style with these simple steps.
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To create the hairstyle, divide the hair into four equal sections and keep them separate throughout the braiding process. Now take a section on the far left to cross it over the section on the right. Then cross it under the section on the next right and over the final section. Take the section which is on the left to cross it over the section on its right and cross that one under the section next on the right, then cross it over the final section. Try to tighten the formation at each braid by pulling down ends of the strands and then pushing up near the knots. Continue the braiding process until there is one or two inches of hair left at the end. Use hair elastic at the bottom of your braid to secure it in place while square braiding lengths of hair will easily loosen. At last mist all over the hair with a hairspray and add any decorative hair accessory to make this hairstyle look more attractive.
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