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Two French Braids


two french braid two french braid2
Creating two French braids can give a very unique look for anyone with long hair. This hairstyle can give a dull looking hair into a well groomed appearance. It is mostly worn by teens where the braid will fall down the middle of the back giving a more youthful and playful look.
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Start the styling by brushing the hair prong hair brush to get rid of any tangles. Then make the hair smooth with a bristle hair brush. Next divide the hair into two sections and separate one of the section into two sections. Now divide this portion into three pieces to keep two of them in your left hand and one in the right hand. Start folding the outside section of hair in your left hand to the middle by collecting it with your right hand and fold the outside part of the hair in your right hand to the middle collecting it with your left hand. Try to add small section of hair to your outside left section and fold it to the middle by collecting it with the right hand. Again include a small section of hair to the outside right section and fold it to the middle by holding it with the left hand. Continue this method until you reach the end of your hair. Finally use an elastic hair tie to secure the braid in place and follow the same method to braid the other section of your hair.
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