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Hairstyle With Yarn Twists


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Hairstyle with yarn twists are very beautiful way of styling the hair that can add fullness to the thin or fine hair. It can be made more unique by adding color throughout the random strands of the twist. This hairstyle is very easy to create and it also consumes much less time when compared to the other traditional hair extension styles.
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To achieve this hairstyle, first fold the strands of a yarn into half and then cut it to your desired length. Try to cut the yarn only after it is being folded to avoid short braids. You can also include a few inches of yarn to the hair get enough length to hair. Next divide the hair into four sections when the hair is still damp and part the hair from ear to ear, forehead to neck. Hold the three sections using hair clips and separate the loose section into rows. Spread a hair gel to the hair that needs to be braided and hold the hair straight to wrap the yarn around it at the scalp in a criss-cross direction. Use the yarn around your hair about three times and make sure it has been wrapped evenly in both the directions to maintain equal lengths on both the sides. Start braiding the yarn about one inch down the length of your hair and secure it by tying a knot and then and roll it in between your fingers to create a bond.
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