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Hairstyle With Kanzashi


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The Kanzashi is usually worn as a hair ornament by women in Japan along with Kimono or Yukata. It is made with a piece of cloth which are usually folded into flowers and attached to a pin. A Kanzashi was worn by women in the Jomon period and in the present day it is worn to accessorize the hairstyles. It is very easy to wear a Kanzashi on your hair by following these steps.
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To begin the hairstyle, first pull the hair straight back behind the head and start twisting it into a tight coil. Keep the base of your twist in a place and coil your hair around itself to create tight bun. Try to keep the bun small, but make it wider as a flat twisted bun. Next hold the bun flat towards your head using your one hand and secure it to your scalp with bobby pins using the other hand. Gently push the bobby pin through outside of your bun through the scalp and do this all the way around to secure the bun in place. Secure the end of the twist with a bobby pin to your scalp and tuck the falling hairs under the bun. Now take the Kanzashi and insert it through top of your bun or at the side of the bun. Make sure the Kanzashi is secured in place properly and mist the hair with a hairspray to hold the hairstyle in place.
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