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Wrap Ponytail


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There are different types of ponytails that are worn with the hair that is medium to long. One of the simplest hairstyle is a wrap ponytail where an elastic will wrapped with a strip of your hair to create a sleeker hairstyle. Here is a simple method to create this attractive and timeless hairstyle.
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To get this style, first brush the hair to make it smooth and then keep your thumbs upward toward the crown to create a smooth bundle of hair. Keep the bundle in one hand and brush the sides, front & bottom of the hair toward the bundle. Collect the smoothed hair with the bundle every time your brush the hair to make it smooth, bump-free. Use elastic to wrap around the base of the bundle and push it closely to make it tight toward your scalp. Take half inch section of your hair from bottom of the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic and then secure it with a bobby pin in the other. Push the bobby pin into the underside of your ponytail and now there will be section of hair elastic in the bobby pin. Turn the bobby pin to make it face downwards and slide it down along the scalp into the base of your ponytail to lock the pin in place. At last gently slide the hair to cover the elastic and spritz the hair with a hairspray to get into the look.
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