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Simple Twist Ponytail


simple twist ponytail simple twist ponytail2
A ponytail can be created in different ways and one of them is with a simple twist that can be a right choice for any type of occasions. This hairstyle can give an elegant look which can be created without adding any effort. It is a ponytail which is usually created with a simple twist and hair parting down. This style is very simple to create by twisting a section of hair in the front of your head and other parts of the head. You can easily achieve this hairstyle with regular practice at home to make it less time consume.
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To get this style, collect a chunk of hair at the center of the forehead and make sure it is about one to two inches wide. Start twisting the hair several times while pulling it at the back of the head. Secure the end of the chunk of hair using a hair pin at the back of your head and above the place where the ponytail holder goes. Comb back the hair at the sides your head and under part of the hair near your neck. Take the hair in one hand and then brush top of the head next to the twist. Avoid using the comb on the twisted part and slick the hair back using your hands to create a ponytail. Look at the hairstyle in a mirror which is compact to see whether the ponytail is centered at the back.
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