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Skinny Dreads Hairstyle


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Skinny dreads are the most unique hairstyles that can be created as well as maintained at home by yourself. It can be controlled with the amount of hair that you used to twist at a time and you must also make the sections small. The process for creating this style may take more if you have a fine or silky hair and the time consumed will be more.
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Begin the hairstyling with a clean hair by dividing into once inch section. To create the dreads skinner than the actual size, you must reduce the size of the sections. Secure the sections using hair clips or elastics and hold them back at the back of the head to avoid falling in the way of the hair used for styling. Take one section of hair and start twisting it. Then back comb the hair that was twisted at the root. Now slowly move down your hair until you reach the end of it and back comb all the way up near the hair shaft to the root again. Spread a little amount of dreadlock wax like beeswax to make the dread get in its shape along with a roughed-up texture. Then twist the dread again while applying the wax and hold the end of your dread in place with a small rubber band. Use the same process to create dreads on every section of your hair and twist the dread whenever it becomes lose.
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