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Hairstyle With Two-Strand Twist


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Hairstyle with twists is a very unique way of styling the hair. A two-strand twist is one of the most amazing hairstyle that can be created with any type of hair. Twisting your hair strands can add an interesting texture to your look and after the twists are released, the hairstyle can give an eye-catching appeal suitable for loose styles and updos. Twists are usually created in two different methods such as a flat twist that is similar to the French braids which needs twisting your hair toward the scalp and it can be designed as traverse over the entire scalp. The second method is the two-strand twist that is similar to the English braids and it is very easy to create.
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two-strand twist5 two-strand twist6
To get this style, first separate the hair into four sections and then clip three sections away from the styling process. Now separate the single section that is left loose into two to four sections which depends on how wide each twist will be. Next separate each of the two to four mini sections into two even sections and twist one of the two sections over the other continuously until you get to the end of your strands. Hold the twist in place using a small ponytail holder and start twisting the remaining part of the first quarter of your head. Use the same steps that were used to create twists on one section on each of the other three sections of your head.
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