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Bob With Finger Waves


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Creating a bob with finger waves used to be a very popular during the 1920s. This hairstyle was worn by most of the women which also includes many celebrities during the period. It is one of the retro hairstyle that has been recreated throughout the decades. If you are planning to create this hairstyle, then make sure the length of hair is short and it must be layered before starting the styling process. It can be a perfect choice of hairstyle for any event and it can be achieved at home by using the right method.
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Most of the bob hairstyle are usually worn at chin-length and longer only sometimes. You must create the finger waves at the back of your head and then work your way at the front. The bangs should not be left on your forehead and it must be sweep to a side of the head. To get this style, first spread a strong styling gel all over the hair when it is still damp after washing and start creating ridges of C-shaped curls using a rat-tail comb or just your fingers. To make it more beautiful similar to the 1920s hairstyle, add a few curls directly to the cheek or your forehead. At last wear a jeweled headband around the crown of your head or across the forehead that can give a great look. Try to style the hair by pinning up one side of your hair with a sparkly clip.
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