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Hairstyle With Swoopy Bangs


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Swoopy Bangs are usually created to add flair to the hair without creating an extreme statement. In this hairstyle, the bangs will hang at a flirty angle on the side of your face and it will be as sharp or gentle as the angle that you choose. When the hair grows out, it can easily blend into rest of the hair that makes it less of a miserable than standard bangs. There are two methods used to create this style and one of the simplest ways of achieving it is with a razor method.
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It is very easy to get this hairstyle, begin the styling process by washing your hair and keep it slightly damp before cutting the hair. Then create a part in the hair as per your desire and keep the section of hair in place that will become the bangs. Use the haircutting razor with your stronger hand and then pull the hair gently towards downward facing the jaw with the other hand. Keep the the razor at the point from where you want to have the shortest length. Gently slide the razor down in a diagonal way across the section of your hair and slowly move the razor in the down-and-sideways motion. Make sure to use this process in a gentle manner until you reach the end of the section that you are cutting. The razor method is usually considered to be easier for cutting someone else’s hair.
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