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Rita Ora With Knotted Hair Bun


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Rita Ora has got a knotted hair bun is a unique way of styling your hair. It is mostly worn by teenagers and there are many celebrities who wear this hairstyle for special events. To achieve this hairstyle first you must make sure that the length of your hair is long to create the bun. This hairstyle can be created at home without going to a saloon and taking any help from the hairstylist. Just follow these simple steps to have this hairstyle on your head within minutes.
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To get this hairstyle, turn your head upside down to make all the hair to fall on your face. Next sweep your hair on top of the head to make a ponytail that must sit at the centre or just off centre of the head. Sweep your hair using your fingers and hold it on top of your head similar to coiling the hair around. Use few hair pins and place it underneath your hair loosely. Secure the long hair in place using a long non-slip hair band and there must be no loose ends falling out of your hair. Finally spritz all over your hair with a light-hold hairspray along with the knot to get rid of flyaways and create a polished look. In case of thick hair you can simple create a high ponytail and then secure the lengths around a doughnut ring using hair pins to make the hairstyle look unique.
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