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Hairstyle With Square Knot


square knot square knot2
A square knot hairstyle can be created only if the length of your hair is long. Most of the women will feel sometimes burden for having long hair and this style can help them to make it look simple. There are different ways that can be used to pull the hair off your face and this one can be the simplest of them all. This hairstyle can look a little complicated to create, but it can be achieved within minutes.
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square knot5 square knot6
To get this style, first make sure that the length of the hair is long enough to create a square knot. Then create a ponytail at the back of your head at any point. Create 2 sections of hair and separate the hair in your ponytail down the middle into 2 thick sections. Start twisting the section in the right hand under the section in the left, until both the sections are criss-crossed.
square knot7 square knot8

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