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Victoria Beckham With Angled Spikes


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Victoria Beckham has got a hairstyle with angled spikes which is one of the ways to style a short hair. It is a unique way of styling your hair that can be created when the hair is short only. This style is considered to be the easiest ways of styling the hair which is able to give a conservative look. It can be a perfect choice of hairstyle for anyone they like to spike their hair in the front. This style can be perfect choice if you are planning to get a wilder look. Just follow this simple method to get this hairstyle very easily.
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To start the styling first spread a little amount of hair gel all over the hair to make it look shiny and to get a matte look apply a hair styling paste. Next wash your hair fully and spread a little amount of hair product over your hair. Spread the hair product all over your hair using the fingers and then spike the hair in an angle which is suitable for you. Try to style your entire hair with your hands by just standing in front of a mirror and make sure to apply enough styling product on the hair to make it look good. Finally spritz all over your hair with a medium amount of hold hairspray to create spikes. Make sure to use more amount of hairspray to add a shiny look to the hairstyle.
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