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Diane Kruger With Twisty Bun


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Diane Kruger has got a twisty bun which is a perfect way of styling the hair for a special event. The standard bun is usually created with a long hair and this one can be made even with a short hair. This hairstyle is created along with the rope braid, but you must make sure that you can create a short ponytail before proceeding with the style. It is a casual hairstyle that can be worn for a ballet performance and a formal occasion. Here is a simple process that can be followed to achieve this style at home.
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To create a twisty bun, begin your styling by misting all over your hair with water to make it damp that can help to prevent any flyaways. Now create a ponytail and then secure it with hair bands to make it a base point for the bun. Start dividing the hair into two parts with the ponytail and twist both the parts around each other to make a rope braid. Hold the braid in place with another hair band and fold the end of the braid under itself, then up against base of the ponytail to create a braided bun. Secure the bun in place by using hair pins and mist all over your hair with a hairspray to avoid a messy looking bun. Make sure to use hair pins which look similar to the hair color to secure the bun in place.
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