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Hairstyle With Conair Hair Wrap


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A Conair Hair Wrap is different from traditional styling wands which has no grip to hold your hair to the barrel. It will help the user to wrap their hair as loose or tight as per the desire. The styling product is available with heat-resistant gloves that help to prevent burning during the styling process. After the styling process leave the Conair Hair Wrap to cool and keep away from water.
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To use the Conair Hair Wrap, wash the hair as usual and dry it thoroughly. Use any pre-styling treatment to dry the hair completely. Next wear the heat-resistant gloves and turn on the hair wrap which will take about 30 seconds to become hot to style the hair. Take a one-inch section of hair and two inches from the scalp. Start winding the section around the barrel from the thicker end on top of the head and slowly move downwards. Finish the winding at the cool tip of your hair wrap and hold the hair firmly in place by keeping the end of the strand on a cool tip for 5 to 8 seconds which will make the hair to spring into place. Now you can complete the rest of your hair with many sections as desired. At last mist all over the hair or use a hairdryer with a cold setting to lock in the curls. Make sure to have wider strands of hair to create looser curls and small strands to create a tighter effect.
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