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Hairstyle With Textured Bangs


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Textured bangs are usually easy to create for most people and it is much more forgiving when compared to the straight horizontal bangs. By adding texture to the bangs you can get a wispy look that can hide small imperfections. Most of the women think this style is very difficult to achieve, but it can be created at home without going to a saloon which can save time also money. Just follow these steps to cut your hair at home for textured bangs.
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To get this hairstyle, first wash the hair completely and comb the bangs down in front of the face. Next comb rest of the hair back away from the face and then pin it at the back of your head. While cutting new bangs, try to leave a triangular section of hair which must extend slightly beyond the end of your eyebrow and brush it forward. Keep the bangs section of the hair in between the pointer and middle fingers. Draw the fingers down about one-half inch longer than the bangs and start cutting across using a pair of sharp scissors. Try to cut the hair slowly to avoid accidents. Now brush the bangs forward and hold it in between the fingers with one-quarter of an inch longer than the bangs. Gently do vertical cuts across your bangs with your sharp scissors which is usually called as a pointing method as it results in a textured bang, and not in one straight cut.
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