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Wavy Hair Without Using Waver


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A trendy wavy hairstyle is usually created with curling irons and wavers, but this method can damage the hair. All these tools can produce too much heat which can cause breakage or dry out the hair. Here is a simple method that can be helpful in creating a wavy hair without using a waver or curling iron. Avoid using too much hair gel during the styling process.
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Before starting the styling process, first wash the hair using a shampoo and condition your hair. Part the hair from ear to ear in two sections and secure the top section into a rubber band. Take a small section of hair at the bottom half and apply a dime-size amount of hair gel over it. Then divide the section into two and start twisting it from the scalp to ends. Now secure the end with a rubber band and twist the entire back section of the hair in the same way. Twist the entire hair before going to bed and sleep with a bandanna or scarf covering your head. If you want to create the waves immediately instead of waiting overnight, use a blow dryer to dry the twists. Next take the twists out in the morning to have tight waves and run your fingers through the hair to break them up a bit. Before ending the styling process, make sure that the twists are completely dry as it may cause frizz if the hair is damp.
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