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Skater Ponytail


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Ponytails are one of the simple and easiest ways of creating a hairstyle. There are different variations which can be created with a ponytail and one of them is called as a skater ponytail. This hairstyle is mostly inspired by a lighter version of edgy punk. Make sure to use a limited amount of hair product while styling your hair in this way. This style can be worn even if you don’t skate, but you must be ready to use the hair product at your discretion to make the hairstyle to appear more relaxed. It can be achieved on any type of hair starting from medium to long or straight to curly.
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For longer hair, try to create a plain ponytail edgier by straightening the hair which is a signature style that is worn by most of the female skaters. If you are planning to make this hairstyle unique try braiding random sections of the ponytail. Then secure the hair with a small elastic hair tie. You can also create the braids first and pull them back along with your hair to make the braid cover the entire head and not the ponytail. If you follow any one the method for creating the ponytail, you must make sure to leave at least few strands hanging in front of the head and avoid creating the ponytail too tight which can look a little uncomfortable. It can also make the styling process more difficult.
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