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Two Strand Rope Braid


two strand rope braid two strand rope braid2
A rope braid is known to be a completely new way to braid the hair that can keep it tidy and give an interesting look. It also has few variations and one of them is creating a rope braid with two strands. A two strand rope braid can be created very quickly and it can be worn as one large braid or even multiple small ones. This hairstyle is a perfect choice for those with long hair and it can be straight or curly, but get help from a friend during the styling process.
two strand rope braid3 two strand rope braid4

two strand rope braid5 two strand rope braid6
To get this style, first create a thick ponytail at the back of the head and secure it with a hair band. Then separate the ponytail into two sections and twist both of them clockwise. Take the right section to wrap it counter clockwise over the left. Twist both the sections clockwise again and wrap the current right section on the left o form the rope braid. Continue this process of twisting the hair clockwise and wrapping it counter clockwise, until you reach the end of the ponytail. Secure the hair with another hair band. Try to practice the rope braid technique for some time to learn the correct tightness for the individual hair. The braid can be too tight if the braid twists around itself and there will be space between the rope strands if it is too loose. This hairstyle can be made unique by creating pigtail braids or small rope twists.
two strand rope braid7 two strand rope braid8

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