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Add Undertones To Your Hair


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There is natural undertone on the hair which is usually warm or cool and while applying a hair dry, the undertone gets exposed. For those who have brunette hair with a warm undertone the dye must have a red tint and light hair with a cool undertone may produce a cool undertone. It is better to know your undertone which will be helpful in deciding the color of the dye suitable for your hair type.
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Use the dye that is similar to your natural undertone including warm color like dark blond and cool undertone for blond or brunette hair. Try to condition your hair at least a week before applying the hair dye which will smooth each strand of hair. Use the dye on your hair when you are alert and you must also have time to relax which will prevent rushed mistakes. Separate the hair into sections and then apply the dye. Wear a pair of gloves in your hands before applying the dye from the roots of the hair to the ends. Leave the hair for about 20 minutes to absorb the color and then rinse hair using cool water. Try to avoid shampoo for washing the hair for three days as it will dull the color. Finally blow-dry the hair and style it as per your desire to show off your new color. Spread a petroleum jelly around the hairline and neck to avoid the dye from falling on your skin.
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