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Chin Level Bob


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A chin length bob can be a perfect choice for those with a longer face and it can also help to shorten the appearance of longer faces. This hairstyle can also make the round faces look rounder and achieving a chin length bob is very easy when compared to other bob style. In this hairstyle, the ends will be close to the focal point of the face and any imperfection will be noticeable.
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To create a chin length bob, first wash your hair and brush it to remove any knots when the hair is still damp. Divide the hair straight down the middle and start cutting your hair horizontally across the sides and back of the head to make it in one length. The damp hair will be naturally longer because of the weight of the water and make sure to take this into account during the haircut. Then make sure that the hair is uniform around your head and pull the front sections of the hair down to keep it even at the sides. Separate the hair into five sections such as four sections as the top layer of the hair and fifth section will be below the temple. The four sections must be two in the front and two at the back at the crown of your head. Now      lift each section of the hair vertically to trim about a quarter inch off which will add a slight layer to the bob.
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