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Hairstyle With Uneven Bangs


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Uneven bangs are usually helpful in creating variety of hairstyles. There is a special method that is used to cut uneven bangs which is known as a point cutting. In this method, the bangs will be cut at an angle and it will create a point at the end of the hair. How much deep the angle is made, so much uneven the bangs will look. Take you own time to cut the hair and use sharp hair shears.
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To get this hairstyle, first wash and dry the hair as usual and make sure your hair is fully dry before proceeding with the styling. Avoid cutting the bangs when the hair is still wet and comb the hair. Section off the bangs and secure it with a hair clip. Next brush the bangs straight down over the forehead and keep the index and middle finger on top of your bangs. Slide the fingers down and slightly past the point where the bangs will end to cut off the excess hair below the fingers. Keep your hair shears in a vertical position along with the tip of shears pointing up. Cut the bangs at 45 degree angle with the upward snips and cut a small v shapes into the bangs. Create bigger v shape to make the bangs look more uneven and start working from one side of the bangs to the other. At last comb the bangs and continue the cutting process until you get the desired look.
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