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Kesha With Frohawk


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Kesha has got a frohawk hairstyle that is a perfect way of creating an afro hairstyle and it is mostly worn by the African warriors. Both the side of the head will be shaved in this hairstyle and middle part of your hair will be left as it is that can be used for drawing lines one your shaved sides. It is also one of the most worn hairstyle by the African American women and there will be a tall strip of hair that will from the front to the back of the head.
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If you are planning to create this hairstyle, first you must have more patience. Then begin the styling by washing your hair completely and use a conditioner. Next leave the hair for some time to make it set and rinse it before apply a moisturizing cream with the help of your hands. Then separate the hair into three equal sections and make sure the lines on the head from front side to back of your head extend along the entire length. Start making small twists on the middle sections and spread a little amount of gel all over the twist. Mist the hair with water and continue to create the cornrows on both sides of your hair only if you like it. Finally ensure the cornrows run from the front of your head towards the back. Try to braid a part of the cornrow from your scalp to make it look unique.
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