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Swiss Braids


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Swiss braids are very beautiful way of styling the hair for special occasions. In this hairstyle, there will be a braid which will circle your head like a crown. This can be a perfect choice of hairstyle to keep the long hair out your face. This is a straightforward hairstyle that can be created at home in a quick time and it can give a more dramatic look than other similar hairstyle.
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To get this style, first separate the hair into two parts at the nape of your neck such as one to the right and another one to the left. Divide the trailing wispy hair using a brush at the nape by bringing them to one side or other. Take one segment of hair and divide it into three parts and braid it. Secure the end of your braid with a hair elastic use the same process on other that parts of the hair too. Now take one braid over about one or two inches above the hair line secure it to your head using bobby pins. Make sure to catch a small amount of hair in your braid and attach it to the hair which is flat against the head. Next take the other braid over the head as well and if you have a short hair, then just bring it up to meet the first braid to the center on top of your head. Now secure the second braid to the head using bobby pins.
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