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Hairstyle With Half-Up Poof


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Half-up poof is one the most worn hairstyle by the celebrities. It can be worn anyone with medium to long hair. In the earlier days, women used to insert something under the hair to create the poof. But now days the hair is teased with a special rat-tail comb or there are different methods that can be followed to create this type of hairstyle without causing breakage and tangles in the hair. Here is one of the techniques that can helpful in creating a hairstyle with a half-up poof.
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To create this hairstyle, brush the hair completely and create a horizontal part from one ear to the other. Divide the top half of the hair from bottom which will allow you to concentrate on top without hair overlapping the poof.  Take the top half of your hair up and brush the bottom three inches of roots at back section of your hair holding down into the scalp which will mildly teases the hair. Now leave the newly teased hair and brush the front portion of hair nearest to the forehead. Avoid brushing your entire teased portion and brush only the top layer to make it smooth over the teased section, creating a poof. At last secure the smoothed hair behind the poof using a few barrettes or a clip. Finally spritz the poof with few shots of hairspray to keep it in place for a long time if your hair is fine.
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