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Rebecca Gayheart With Lowlights


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Rebecca Gayheart has got a hairstyle with lowlights that gives her a completely different look. This hairstyle is created on type of hair starting from short or long. It is one of the best ways to add depth into the hair and this one also similar to a way highlight that add shine as well as dimension to your hair. Lowlights are usually known to have darker colors such as black and brown. This hairstyle can be easily created on any type of hair with a ready-set applicator that is available with the home lowlight kits.
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First make sure what type of color you will be using on the hair which is the important part of this hairstyle. If you have a blond hair try auburn tone like black and brown. To get a drastic look use the color that is able to contrast the most. Before using the color, wash your hair with a shampoo couple of days before the styling process to make the color absorb better. Next mix the dye along with the applicator. Keep the applicator half inch away from your scalp and then comb it through desired section of the hair. Once you finish applying the color all over your hair leave it for some time and rinse the hair with clean water. Before using the color on your hair read the directions on the kit while doing it for the first time to avoid any problems.
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