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Twisting A Relaxed Hair


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Twist relaxed hair is the simplest way of styling the hair and twists are usually known for their versatility. It can be created on any type and length of hair. Twisted hair usually last for several weeks and it is also considered to be one of the best low-maintenance as well as easily manageable hairstyle. Twists can be created by just twisting strands of the hair around each other and to create twists on a relaxed hair, just follow these steps.
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Before starting the twists, wash and towel dry your hair. Divide the hair into four sections and secure each of them with a hair clip. Take one section at a time for styling and mist a little amount of water over the hair. Now art a one inch section of hair to spread a dab of gel and moisturizer to it. Next brush and smooth out the strands using a fine tooth comb. Divide the hair into two hair pieces and start twisting the hair around each other in up-and-over-like motion. Try to curl the ends of your twist using a perm rod which will leave a slight curl and make sure that the twist does not come out. Use the same process on the other section of the hair and create several twists on section of hair by securing the twists using perm rods. At last remove the perm rods when your hair becomes fully dry and there will be head-full of beautiful twists.
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