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Tousled Ponytail


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Creating a tousled ponytail can be interesting with long hair. It can be a perfect choice for a day at the beach or night on the town. This hairstyle is usually worn in a low position over the head so the loose hair falls down on your shoulder. You can also add waves in the ponytail for a touch of glamour. It can be achieved at home in a few minutes by following these steps.
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To get this style, first spread a little amount of mousse all over the hair and smooth the hair using a brush. Use a wide-toothed comb for creating a deep side part in the hair and then collect all of the hair to a side that is opposite the part. Use a hair band to secure the hair at a point above your shoulder. Then pull the hair up at the back of your head and secure it in place using an elastic hair tie. Keep your hair tie slightly loose and tousle the hair around the face before pulling out a few pieces to frame the face. Use your fingers through your ponytail to add more volume and wear a matching dress or a casual daytime outfit to make this hairstyle look beautiful. Try to alternate the curl sizes to create a more natural looking hairstyle. Ponytails can also look fancy if they are slicked back and when they are slightly tousled it can give a unique look.
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