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Geometric Haircut


geometric haircut geometric haircut2
Having a geometric haircut can be fun as it can give an edgy look along and a new, retro style. It is important to make all of your hair to grow in one length to create this hairstyle. This hairstyle can be a choice if you are planning to create a unique style that can attract anyone.
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To achieve this hairstyle, first you must consult a hair stylist. This is one haircut that is very difficult to create on your own as you must be able to make the front and sides even. You must also get help to cut the hair at the back to make it hang right. Take your time to look at the picture with geometric haircut which will make you to see the style in advance. This style will usually look very dramatic and you can always go back to change it to make it an entrance with the haircut. Begin the styling by combing the hair when it is still damp after washing and part the hair where you want to start the cutting. Then cut the hair from the back of your head and move forward. To create a geometric style which goes from short to long in the front, try to cut one side first and follow the same line on the other side of your head. Try to cut the bangs at last and leave the hair to dry which will hang out in a perfectly straight geometric line.
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