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Pop Finger Waves


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Finger wave hairstyle is one of the most glamorous way of styling the hair to get a look of the 1920s and 1930s. It is very easy to pop finger waves by using your fingers, a comb and other styling products. You can also make the finger waves pop to create a unique look with wet hair and then leave the hair to dry to make it set.
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To get this style, first wash your hair and a spread a little amount of waving lotion. Next push the sections of hair into ridges with your fingers and use the middle finger to push the hair at the point where the waves would begin. Press one inch sections of hair against the finger and pull the comb sideways with the teeth down to create a series of ridges as well as waves. Keep the index finger next to the middle finger and press it tightly to set the ridge in place. Rotate your comb vertically and then pull hair back, curving it in other direction. Gently move the middle finger to continue creating the ridge of your desired length. Continue to move the hair creating new ridges and curves. Now style the hair by sectioning it into two inch pieces and shape the section using a comb. Wrap the hair into a coil and secure it against your scalp. Finally leave the hair to dry naturally and sprtiz a hairspray all over the hair to get into the look.
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