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Hairstyle With Top Braid


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A top braid is a very unique way of styling the hair and it is also known as the never fail braid. This hairstyle is an updated version of the French braid which will sit atop the styled hair. Most of the celebrities wear this hairstyle as it can give a classy or elegant look when matched with a perfect outfit.
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To create this style, start by parting the hair at the top of your crown over the head to the top of the ear and clip the hair to keep it separated from rest of your hair. Then part your hair from the same place on your crown to the top of other ear on the other side. Now there must be a continuous part across the top of your crown from one ear to other. Then secure the bottom part of the hair which is loose and release the top two parts. Brush your hair over the side of your head and divide it into three sections at the side of your head far side from you. Pull the hair up to create a top braid by braiding the right strand over middle one and braiding the left strand over middle strand. Try to pull your hair tight while moving across the top of your head. After reaching the other side of your head, brush the ends of three strands and secure the hair at the end of the braid.
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