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Rusk Ponytail


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Rusk ponytail is one of the updated version of a traditional ponytail cut that provides a perfectly layered hair. This cut blends the layers through the way where hair is parted and it involves a number of ponytails as well as placement of the ponytails.
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Begin your styling process after washing the hair and keep it wet. Create a part which must start at the temple and then move toward the back of your head about two to three inches long. This part must be created on both sides of your head and keep the parts exactly the same length. Add both the parts together with a zigzag part and create a ponytail perfectly centered on top of your forehead. Take a second section at the point where the temple section meets the zigzag on the first part. Divide your into two equally sized sections following the curve of your head. Next pull the hair to create a ponytail perfectly centered on the head and at the middle of the section of hair. Now make a last section of hair by collecting the loose hair to create a ponytail on the head and on top of this section of hair. Begin the Rusk ponytail cut from top section of hair. Cut the hair as per your desire straight through the ponytail and cut small V shapes into each smaller section. At last remove all of the ponytails and brush the hair thoroughly.
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