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Hairsyle With Braided Chignon


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A braided chignon is a perfect choice of hairstyle if you are looking to get an elegant look suitable for various events such as prom or a wedding. This hairstyle will look good only when the hair is long enough to create the braid. Here is a simple method that can be useful in creating this style at home without any help.
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To get this hairstyle, first part the hair using a comb in the middle of your hair. Start braiding the hair from right side just above your right ear and secure the bottom using a hair band that is clear or a color of your hair. Brush your hair from the left side of the head towards the back and hold in your left hand to take it around to the right side by the braid. Next wrap the straight hair around the braid by taking it up from bottom towards front and then over the braid towards the back. Continue the wrapping process over the straight hair around your braid till you reach the end. Tuck the ends of the hair underneath and secure it with straight hairpins. Take your braid and wrap it around already gathered hair. Wrap the hair in the same direction like the previous one and secure it in place using straight hairpins. At last apply a little amount of glossing cream in your hands and spread it over the short hair that comes out.
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