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Hair Wrapping With Embroidery Thread


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Hair wrapping is a part of many cultures and it is mainly used as a rite of passage in some of the tribal societies. It is a process that can add style and flair to your hairstyle. There are different types of materials that can be used to wrap the hair and most of them prefer an embroidery thread.
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Divide a small section of hair to wrap the thread and then secure rest of the hair with hair clips. Mist the divided section with a little amount of water using a spray bottle and start braiding it. The secure at the end of your braid with a small rubber band and pull the hair firmly so it stays neat and tight. Take two sections from the embroidery thread about three yards in length for a very long hair and a smaller section of thread for shorter hair. Fold the thread sections into half and looping it around top of the braid by pulling them tight. Pull two threads to start the wrap and holding the main part in your left hand to create a loop. Send the loose end of the thread underside the braid and pull it through the loop in the left hand. Repeat this process until you have wrapped about an inch of hair. Take two threads from second color and continue your wrapping process with new threads and tie the threads with a small knot at the bottom.
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