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Curling Hair With Hot Brush


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Curly hair can be created with different types of tools and one of them is a hot brush which can work similar to a curling iron. Even though, a hair brush will not be able to create cascades of curls, it can add volume, body and wave to your hair. This tool is a perfect choice for short hair and for those who use it on a long hair you can only create a little curl at the tips of the hair. It can work especially well with short hair or to create bangs.
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To create curls with hot brush, take a section of hair and keep the hot brush at the base of your hair. Start rolling the hot brush up around the brush head once and avoid wrapping your hair more than once as it can stuck in the hair. Leave the hot brush in the hair for about 15 seconds and then release it. If you have not able to create the curls properly, try to use the hot brush again by wrapping it around the section of the hair. Then brush the hair using the hot brush similar to a standard hairbrush and incase the hair is tangled, comb out fussy mane first. Next glide the brush through the hair and make sure to curl the brush in while reaching the end to create some wave. Finally mist all over the hair with a flexible hairspray as it can make the curls to move.
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