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Quick Weave Ponytail


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A quick weave ponytail is created by using hair extensions and most of the time it is glued or pinned into the natural hair in a new style, length and color. Ponytails are very easy to create with any type of hair, but if you have a short, thin or lifeless hair then you can achieve a glamorous hairstyle with a quick weave ponytail.
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To get this style, brush your natural hair and spread a generous amount of hair gel all over. Comb your natural hair to create a ponytail with a nylon bristle brush. Try to create a low or high ponytail which is centered or kept on the side. Use a rubber band to secure the ponytail and make sure it is fully tight. Now keep the weft of extension hair on the flat surface to stretch it out and fold it into half matching the two ends evenly. The folding method will make the ponytail full with more volume. Take your track of extension hair and keep the side with two open ends on top of the natural ponytail. Use a hair pin to hold it in place and then wrap the extension hair around the natural ponytail tightly. Add the last piece of the extension track into the natural hair and attach it to the ponytail extension using glue or pin it in place. Try to press the pin firmly against the natural hair to make it stay close to the hair.
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