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Scene Coontail Stripes


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A scene coontail stripes are one of the most unique hairstyle that are sectioned-off areas of hair with one or two colors. Most of the people prefer this type of hairstyling only for few occasions. It is also very a craze among teenagers as it can give a really amazing look. This style can be done easily which also makes a fashion statement. Here is a simple method that can help to achieve this hairstyle at home.
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To create this hairstyle, first get a hair-bleaching product and notice the conditioning properties which should avoid excess damage to the hair. Then straighten the section of your hair on which the scene coontail stripes will be created. Secure the rest of the hair at the back of your head. Start wrapping a two inch piece of tape on top of the sectioned hair and do this on every inch or so to create even sections. Wear rubber gloves in your hands to avoid staining and over drying. Drape the shoulders with a towel that you are not worried about damaging. Keep a pea-sized amount of dye onto the pointer finger of the gloved hands and spread the dye in to the hair section with your thumb as well as pointer finger. Make sure that the bleach does not get under the tape. Now leave bleach to develop until you get the desired shade and rinse the hair the shower before pulling the tape off.
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